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Julias Kids Dont Look like Her

By steph

Maybe Julia Roberts’ children don’t look like her, but at least they call her mommy. Julia didn’t pass on the curly red hair that made her famous in hit films Mystic Pizza and Pretty Woman, but says her children look like her husband and her mother and older sister. While none of the children got her good looks, she tells The Daily Telegraph, “I have a good-looking husband, so we’re alright”

Julia is back and better than ever with her new film Charlie Wilson’s War, her first movie in three years. Mama Julia has taken time off to stay home with her three children with husband cameraman Danny Moder, twins Hazel and Phinneaus,3, and baby Henry, 7 months.

Roberts rates motherhood as “great - just the best thing” and says she has worked so little since the birth of her twins that she was surprised that Hazel even recognized her in a blonde wig at a camera test for Charlie Wilson’s War. Julia told Vanity Fair, “I brought home this picture of me in this emerald-green gown, and I have these big diamonds on and the nails and the whole thing. The picture was sitting on the dining-room table, and Finn and Hazel came to dinner, and Hazel said, ‘Oh, look at that picture. Cuckoo Mommy.’ I couldn’t believe she even knew it was me.”

Julia describes her family of five as a team effort. “We are all in it together,” she says. “I don’t do it by myself. Danny is a great, hands-on dad and we are five people, all with our needs and our desires and we really make it work as a group and doing that just makes it so much easier and so much more fun.”

“Phinn and Hazel are old enough now to express their needs and their opinions really clearly and really distinctly and their’s are probably opinion number one in the house for Danny and me - and things sort of go along from there.”

Although none of her three offspring may look like her, “There’s still hope (for some of her traits) in their personalities. We still hope there will be some sass passed down. No brown eyes, but some attitude.”

(Via Page Six)

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