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Chanel Classic Flap Python

By Bag

I have been looking for a Chanel exotic for a while now and living in California does not help because python is illegal here. And the really strange thing is, the Rodeo Dr. boutique is really lacking in its bag selection. So when I went to Las Vegas I knew I had to stop in the Bellagio store to see what is up. And besides, my husband still didn't get me a birthday gift yet, a whole month later. They have by far the best selection of bags I've seen and lots and lots of exotics to choose from. As soon as I walked in I spotted this baby of mine on the display table. I shopped around feigning interest in other bags but I knew I was taking this python home with me =) This is truly the one for me. This investment piece has all the requirements of one, the ultimately classic flap bag, the good size, neutral color but still shows the skin beautifully and well, it's a Chanel. I thought twice about the tassel (which is not removable) but it adds the youthfulness I want and when it's on the movement really draws attention! It is a chain bag, which is usually against policy but they are really thin and light and stay on. But the main reason for choosing the chain is that it is the embodiment of a classic Chanel bag, so I had to do it. This color is a soft buttery yellow and is so beautiful, creamy and dreamy - it is called Uni which happens to be my favorite food so it's also yummy! It also comes in black, but black python is pointless, it just looks like a textured leather bag. This extraordinary bag is $3450, which I think is totally reasonable. Remember the White Caviar Tote I was in love with? That is $3875, hello it doesn't take a financial wiz to know what is the better investment. Call Lena at the Bellagio store at 702-765-5505 to inquire. Thanks Honey for the best birthday gift ever!

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