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Evening Wear Meets FEED Bags

By Fawn

Lauren Bush is at it again! Not only is she a beautiful philanthropist, but now she's teaming up with Judith Leiber to take her beautiful idea and make it even better!

The FEED project is pretty well known for making a huge difference in ending world hunger. When you buy a FEED 2 bag you feed 2 school children for a year. As amazingly wonderful as the idea is, and as successful as sales have been, I think that we can all agree that burlap isn't the most elegant of accessories. But alas, FEED has that covered too.

With the release of the new bags, the price jumps a little but so does that number of meals provided. With the purchase of these new and improved FEED clutches, 1000 meals will be donated to a child in need! I have to point out at this point that even if these little clutches weren't going towards a good cause, I would need to buy one anyway. They won't be available until May 5th on Judith Leiber's web store, so until then I'll just have to stare at the pictures drooling and dreaming of the day when I can strut my stuff all long a red carpet holding a bag that makes a difference!

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