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Louis Vuitton Multicolore Speedy 30 Bag

By ave

March 21, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Alicia

Louis Vuitton Multicolore Speedy 30 Bag
The creation of the Multicolore line from the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami first made it’s appearance back in 2003. The vibrant new candy-colored line instantly scored high on the trend meter and quickly made it’s way into the arms of many celebrities. The bags from this line were a hit among Hollywood’s young, rich and famous including Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, especially the Multicolore Speedy 30.

The Multicolore Speedy 30 is the perfect and most stunning piece in Louis Vuittons’ MC line, in my opinion. From the classic essence of the speedy bag and modern, fresh and colorful designs from Takashi Murakami, traditional LV luxury meets art. And unlike other bags from this line, the Speedy 30 has lived up to the requirements to join the “timeless crew”. I feel that this is one purse that will never go out of style and that can be carried with any outfit. I absolutely adore the front buckled pocket and beautiful interior of alacantra lining. Also, the shiny gold hardware corners at the bottom make this distinguishable from all of the others. Overall, the classic shape and unique detailing put the Multicolore Speedy 30 at the head of it’s family.

See the Multicolore Speedy 30 Here

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