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Celine Daydream Bag

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Celine is a designer you can always go to for classic wearable pieces. This bag is one of them. Is it going to change your life and keep you up at night thinking about it? Probably not, but if you need something for work and play and keep it for many season, this would be a welcomed addition to your wardrobe. I love the springy yellow, it is actually the only color I like for this bag because it adds youthful casualness. In brown, well, as for most brown bags, it is sullen and boring. And in this bag, quite grandmother-ish. But in the yellow, it is refreshing and hip. I love that they are updating their look for the younger crowd, the incorporation of hardware details and the flap design is definitely a step in the right direction for the design house born after WWII (and did you know they started out by making children's shoes?). There is a smaller day clutch (the white pictured above) that has a chain handle. The proportion is not sitting right for me and the chain totally blows it, but as a clutch, it could be really cute especially in white (the chain can tuck inside). It is made of durable textured deerskin so you can beat this thing up and it will only look better for it. Unfortunately, Net">','');">Net a Porter doesn't have the yellow in yet (only brown, blah!) and is $990.

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