Britney Spears Invites Fans to Vote on Album Titles

On her official site, Britney Spears is asking fans to vote on a new album title. She writes:

"You'll Never See it My Way, Because You're Not Me"

Britney is asking her most die-hard fans for some assistance in order to name her upcoming album.

Possible Album Titles:

1. OMG is like Lindsay Lohan like Okay like

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2. What if Hte Joke is on You

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3. Down Boy

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4. Integrity

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5. Dignity

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I'm pretty sure they're all joke titles, which makes it funny that she lumped 'Integrity' and 'Dignity' in with 'OMG is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like.' I mean, yeah, they're equally laughable to associate with Britney Spears but I didn't think she knew that. And she left off "I Heart Cheetos" because, well, I guess you can't put the actual album title up with a bunch of joke ones.

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