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Paris Hilton Still Getting Preferential Treatment

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Paris Hilton's parents visited Paris in jail for the first time yesterday, and were allowed to skip the line at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, once again sparking concerns of preferential treatment. One visitor said she had to wait four hours instead of the usual two because of the Hiltons. Another visitor said she was asked to leave the jail's visiting room soon after her husband walked in because of the Hiltons, and was told to return after lunch. Additionally, Paris is being housed in the medical ward, which costs $1,109.78 a day to house a female inmate compared to $99.64 a day in the general population. The AP reports:

Mary Tiedeman, who regularly visits the jails as a monitor for the ACLU, said the area where Hilton was being housed was usually reserved for high-security inmates or those worse off than Hilton has appeared. "I don't know what her health issue is, but you have got to have a pretty intense medical or mental health problem to be in that part of the jail," she said.

Anybody who thought Paris would be treated fairly must be completely out of their mind. Judging by the way she's been treated so far I'm surprised they haven't awarded her the Congressional Medal of Honor and bought her a pony.

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