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Ann Coulter on Rosie O'Donnell Terror Photo Gay Adoption Set-Back

By steph

Ann Coulter rips Rosie a new one with her blazing article in The Post Chronicle.

As for the photo - I do think it was tasteless - but aren’t most things Rosie does tasteless? She is just another big fat slob with a big mouth! She should not be allowed to post on her blog without running it through a publicist to screen her stupidity!

Rosie O’Donnell is at it again, and Ann Coulter has something to say about it. Rosie, an outspoken anti-war critic and pro gun control, posted a picture of her 4-year-old daughter on her blog yesterday - and she looked like a terrorist.

It was a frightening sight, especially since we all know that Islamic terrorists train children to be suicide bombers. Rosie, who has defended Iraq, Iran, and their leaders, perhaps a little too much for comfort, posted a picture of her daughter - dressed in camouflage and strapped with ammunition. Her head was also covered.

The disturbing photograph was posted with this caption underneath it: “A picture is worth a thousand posts”. There was no explanation for the photo, and were only left to assume the picture was meant to reflect Rosie’s anti-war, anti-gun views…and how they destroy the lives of children.

A fair view point? Absolutely. Did the picture deliver that message? Absolutely not.

Some fans understood Rosie’s ‘message’, but most were outraged at Rosie’s disturbing idea. The former ‘The View’ co-host has now been branded “sick” and “hungry for public attention”.

Ann Coulter feels that Rosie’s stance on gun controol is ridiculous, and quipped: “No one should have guns except my bodyguards,” saying that when it comes to Rosie’s safety, guns are ok, but when it comes to others’ safety, guns are bad.

She said of the disturbing photo of Rosie’s daughter: “I think this picture has set back gay adoption by about 20 years.”

“I think this makes people think Rosie’s kids should be taken away from her…”


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