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Paris Hilton Heading Back to Jail

By popbytes

damn! what a messy circus this whole paris hilton thing has turned into! i admit that last week i felt a drop (a very small drop) sorry for her but not anymore! the dumb bitch should've stayed in prison and did her twenty-three days but her leaving jail earlier this week and going under 'house arrest' was the dumbest move she could have made - this whole spectacle could have been totally avoided! whoever is advising the hiltons is a total dumbass! she should've done her time and moved on showing everyone that she could handle her sentence like a grown up but oh no - she had to stir the drama pot - and now she's in a BIGGER mess than before! ms. hilton will have to serve her full forty-five day sentence now - and i'm thrilled about this! (i believe she was given a credit of five days) los angeles city attorney rocky delgadillo just issued a statement (posted below) to TMZ...although word is she's going to file an appeal but that seems like a total lost cause - it's time for her to buckle down & shut the fuck up! (if i were her lawyer - i would tell her 'girl - it's over - you're just going to have to do the time') popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

this decision sends the message that no individual -- no matter how wealthy or powerful -- is above the law. today, justice was served.

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