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More Baby Drama for Nicole Richie ...

By popbytes

hey hey! the new cover of **STAR** magazine is posted below (they were able to snag lindsay lohan a small spot - just in time for printing! i say send her to jail ASAP - if paris hilton did time - ms. lohan should totally do time as well! ms. hilton looks like a saint compared to lindsay!) but the main story this week revolves around nicole richie and her supposed 'big blow-up' with her boyfriend joel madden (who may actually demand a paternity test! last week national enquirer hinted at the possibility of somebody else being the baby's daddy besides mr. madden...) we're still awaiting official confirmation of her pregnancy (**christina aguilera** hasn't announced anything about her growing belly either...) the magazine asks will nicole end up alone? probably not - especially if she has a baby! i do adore nicole and if she can keep her shit & health together she'll be a great (and slightly wacky - but in a good way) mom!

in other stories we've got something about jessica simpson's secret liposuction? (maybe it wasn't dieting alone that helped her drop like twenty pounds) she does look a lot better than she did a few months ago! (thank heavens she broke up with scuzzy john mayer - i have no love for him) there's also a bit about valerie bertinelli's diet disaster - yet i'm not sure what exactly they're talking about - in these recent pics she's looking a lot thinner and quite cute! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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