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Britney Spears Hits the Beach in Lingerie

By steph

Britney Spears is nothing if not spontaneous. The former popstar was spotted taking an impromptu swim at Malibu in just a hot pink bra and skimpy knickers.

After a day of house hunting, she decided to strip off and escape the California heat, squealing with delight as she cooled off in the waves.

The near see-through ensemble is yet another fashion disaster for the troubled singer, who in recent times has displayed a penchant for pink wigs, sheer tops and exposed bras.

Meanwhile, the singer has just agreed to host the opening of LAX Las Vegas nightclub at the Luxor on August 31.

She is no stranger to Sin City - on New Year’s Eve she famously passed out in a club and had to be carried out during a paid appearance.

Since leaving rehab in February, Spears’s efforts to revive her career have so far flopped: her mini-comeback tour, which saw her lip-synch a 15-minute set, was largely panned.

Still, she has continued to regularly visit a dance studio and is said to be working on an upcoming album.

On the domestic front, things are not much better: last week she has put her Beverly Hills mansion on the market for - just days after a probe into the safety of her swimming pool.

Ex-husband Kevin Federline called child protection services, claiming she didn’t have the required safety barriers around the pool, according to reports from the US.

The singer has been forced to relocate to the Four Seasons Hotel with her manny, bodyguard and sometime date Daimon Shippen and her two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston.

Her relationship with her mother has also hit an all-time low: the pair reportedly slapped each other during a gith last month over Britney’s children, according to new reports.

At least she has a new companion to distract her from her troubles - she last week spent around 1,500 on a Yorkie dog - Paris Hilton also owns a pup of the same bred. According to reports, she has called the pooch ‘London’.

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