Boob Jobs Need Love Too

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All of the women out there with purchased breasts, not fake (they are attached to your body and there is nothing fake about that) there is finally a bra made for you. Say goodbye to the days of pouring your fabulous ta-ta's (is that PC?) into conventional bras. After all Maidenform and Victoria's Secret, secretly frown upon fake ones.

So what's a girl to do?

A girl is to get Le Mystere's No.9 bra designed by Dr. David Brothers. Brothers was inspired by his patients who complained that they couldn't find bras that fit their ample bosoms. Apparently the recent trend for pointier boobs with a narrow base and more projection, has made it difficult for patients the perfect bra. The bras, which come in sizes 32C to 36E and are priced from £60, go on sale at Harrods in London on Monday, before being rolled out to other shops.

With so many women these days going under the knife I think its about time that a "special" bra has been made for them. I also wish I had thought of it because seriously, isn't that doctor rich enough?
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