Kate Moss and Pete Doherty Split for Good

Kate Moss kicked Pete Doherty out of her home yesterday after finding out he had a "fling" with a South African last Thursday. All of Doherty's stuff was moved out and the two are allegedly broken up for good. The Mirror UK reports:

The couple had a series of violent rows over the weekend during which he smashed a picture. A friend of the Croydon-born model said: "It is so over between Kate and Pete. She has brought in new security guards and Pete can't get anywhere near. They had some terrible slanging matches over the weekend, some of the worst of their relationship. Kate is absolutely furious. She hates being made a fool of and gets incredibly jealous. She just won't stand for infidelity." Doherty, due in rehab on July 16, is said to be devastated at the split and even pledged to go into the drug clinic early in an effort to win Kate back.

Kate Moss has the absolute worst taste in men so you know she'll take Pete Doherty back. It also helps that she's stupid. She's already taken this clown back, what, six times? Twenty seven? The only way she won't take Doherty back is if somebody even worse comes along, like some random homeless person or a fake man made out of dynamite.

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