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Britney Spears Hits Rock Bottom ...

By popbytes

good morning! i'm heading home today - i've had fun but i'm ready to come back to hollywood! anyways below is the latest cover of **STAR** which of course is featuring the mess of the year aka britney spears - this week it looks like she's hit rock bottom - i can't imagine things getting worse but with ms. spears you never know! there's lots of claims on the cover including brit's binge & purge diet - plus the use of amphetamines, inhalers, and laxatives - yikes! she needs to go hang out with lindsay lohan over in utah - and she needs to stay for a long time! overall the situation is really sad - especially for her two boys sean preston & jayden james - i always like to be on the hopeful side of things so here's to britney finally pulling herself together - at this point who cares about her career - she has a lot of other things to get straightened out before that!

in other news - are jennifer aniston & orlando bloom starting some kind of romantic relationship - apparently they're both down in mexico - they'd make a totally cute couple - maybe jen's luck in the department of love is starting to head in the right direction! we've also got george clooney & his lady sarah larson getting hot & heavy with her telling mr. clooney she loves him - what girl wouldn't?!? last but not least there's still talk of a secret marriage between nicole richie & joel madden - although from what i've read they are not going to get hitched until after the baby arrives - but ms. richie is always full of surprises - so who knows? i'll check you all later tonight from the west coast! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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