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Drunk Stoned and Wasted - Britney Spears

By popbytes

hey hey! this week in **national enquirer** they're featuring brad pitt & angelina jolie drama once again - apparently ms. jolie exploded after discovering brad's 'late night phone chats' with his ex-wife jennifer aniston and told him 'stop calling jen' - this i find very hard to swallow - although brad did say recently he maintains a deep friendship with jen yet i doubt we'll ever see angie & jen paling around together! this drama between the three of them has no end in sight - people still love to read about them!

in the top corner of the new cover below we've got britney spears' career suicide...was she drunk, stoned & wasted at the video music awards? some people are saying she was on cocaine but the magazine is claiming that she actually popped a xanax pill before getting on stage - which makes a lot more sense since she seemed all mellow and in a dazed trance - rather than being all anxious and coked out of her skull! whatever she may have been doing - it wasn't a good thing for her performance that's for sure!

on the other side we've got a report about heather locklear's supposed facelift at age 45 - whatever she's doing - it works - she still looks great (and don't forget i'm totally on team heather!) at the bottom there's jerry lewis acting bizarre - probably because he's old & senile - i think it's time for him to hang up his telethon hat! the last bit of drama revolves around jessica alba's boyfriend cash warren (are they still dating or not?!?) and some girl who is claiming he cheated on ms. alba with her! maybe that's the reason things recently went sour...anyways that's all the tabloid gossip for now - popbytes over & out...xxoo!

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