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Brad amp Angelina Get Their Stamp on in Oz

By popbytes

hey hey! what has everyone been up to? i ran a bunch of errands that took me all over town - from sherman oaks to culver city - tomorrow i may try to get down to the beach - i haven't been all summer! (shame on me) anyways thanks to popbytes australian pal drew for sending me a heads up about the brad pitt & angelina jolie (along with shiloh-nouvel) stamp from down under! just the other night **new idea** took to the honor of being named magazine of the year at the 10th annual magazine awards - the honor was presented in sydney by the magazine publishers of australia (MPA) - basically the highest award for any magazine in oz! to commemorate the award - a very limited edition stamp has been issued featuring their most famous cover from last year which is posted below - the left side is the official stamp and the magazine cover sits to the right - you can choose to use the cover on the envelope or save it! we do have some cool stamps every now & then here in the states (**marilyn monroe** & elvis presley) but they're not usually as timely as this brangelina stamp! popbytes over & out for now - xxoo!

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