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Remember when Jenna Was Hot?

By Lauren

Heatherette fashion shows are known for being crazy. Wild designs, over the top celebrity models ... Remember when Nicole Richie showed us her goods, that was at a Heatherette show ... So to see Lil Mama perform, half naked men parading down the runway, and small children modeling couture dresses was no surprise. But to see former porn star Jenna Jameson looking like a damn anorexic duck?

Yeah that shocked me a bit.

Look at how hot Jenna used to be. What a pretty face, nice body (even if it was enhanced) ... just a nice porn star next door. I have no idea why being one of the most desirable women to men )and women) wasn't enough for her. Jenna had to go off and jack herself up. She lost a ton of weight, got a pair of duck lips, and a scary hair cut.

There she is in all of her glory prancing down the runway. Ladies, let this be a lesson to you being skinny isn't always hot! The look just doesn't work for everyone. If you are blessed with a great rack and killer ass KEEP IT because people will miss it when it's gone.

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