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Nicole Richie - Will She Lose Her Baby??

By popbytes

good evening! this week's **STAR** magazine features nicole richie front & center by claiming she had some sort of hospital crisis...leaving us with the question - will she lose her baby? gosh - i seriously hope not - oh my word that would be terrible & awful! i know not everyone is a huge fan of nicole's but i don't think anybody would want to see something bad happen - i totally adore her! although she hasn't been the healthiest person going - i really hope those thin times are over so she can focus on having herself a super healthy pregnancy! it's going to be so crazy to see pictures of ms. richie w/ her baby - it's still so surreal to me - i can't picture her being a mom but i think she's ready to step up & be an excellent mom! (gosh she'll have to be better than britney spears...i'm not saying brit is a bad mom but we all have to admit she's a bit on the wacky side - and that's putting things nicely!)

let's skip by the magazine's usual suspects angelina jolie and jennifer aniston featured in the sidebar and get right to the lower right hand corner (this is too funny) brit's mom & kevin - are they a couple? britney's shocking charge! i swear on my blog that i didn't notice what the text said down there - i just saw the pic and i was all yeah britney's still messy but mid-way through writing this post - i gasped and was all omg - are they suggesting something is going on between lynne spears & kevin federline?!? that would be so insane - i highly doubt that's the case! yeah maybe they're 'a couple of people' who are concerned about brit's boys (and their teeth) but certainly not a romantic couple! who knows - stranger things have happened! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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