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Beware No Guides on Ugg Fakes

By Designer

If">">If, like I, you find yourself panicking oh-so late as it is into the season, because of these nasty snowstorms, realizing you need better winter boots, but can’t find any and have also realized you need Uggs (fashion pundits be damned) - only to find those are all out in your size, style, colour or all of the above - look no further on eBay.

Sorry, but Ugg brand products are faked. These are designer-quality, expensive and still really popular shoes, so of course they’re counterfeited. I’d love to trust my eyes, intuition and the tools available and purchase - but there are no resources nor any intelligence on the web on telling real Uggs from illegal replicas. Some say there really is no difference to be told.

If you’re just looking for a bargain, remember you might just get what you pay for (and in this modern world of illegal copies, less than what you pay for).

I’m sure you can find a suitable brand with ugg styled boots or Fugg (copycat ugg boots) boots to tide you over in these short weeks ’til Punxsutawney Phil predicted winter’s end. The weathermen even hint it’ll be milder already. Just remember, by next November snatch up your perfect boots before this raw, messy weather barrels down upon us as it is bound to. Duh to us stupid people, especially those also like I who had fugg boots and gave them away when those fashionista pundits declared uggs long over. Face it, the appeals of the toasty cushiness on frigid nights beats back the arguments on style, especially with the pretty cute Sunburst version, pictured, doing the talking and walking!

If you have tips on spotting fake Ugg boots, I ask that you please post on this forum thread: Ugg Boots Authenticity Guides.

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