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Bitter Party of One Your Table is Ready

By Gayla

Larry Star - the man most famous for selling his ex-wife’s wedding dress on eBay is now taking readers on a journey as he uncovers the humor and disasters that are found in many of today’s relationships.

Book Description via Amazon:

With over twenty years of experience in failed marriages and relationships, author Larry Star mixes his caustic wit with his astute perception to make Bitter, Party of One… Your Table is Ready, an uproarious ride through the cycle of male-female coupling.Inside Bitter, Party of One you will learn…

• Why you should become a proponent for disclaimers on underwear packaging
• Why your teetering marriage shouldn’t be left in the hands of a counselor you picked from the back page of a free newspaper

• What Post Super Bowl Realization is and how to avoid it

• Why knowing your woman’s cycle will make for a much more enjoyable honeymoon/vacation/life in general

• And much more…

Filled with insight and humor, Bitter, Party of One takes you on an entertaining journey through the typical American relationship—from meeting that special someone, through the wedding, marriage, and, finally, divorce—culminating in reflection over what went right, what went wrong, and the mental incapacitation that compels you to do it all over again.

Regardless of your current relationship situation - be it single, dating or married, I think this is one book that every couple would appreciate and find themselves chuckling at themselves while in the back of their own minds they wonder… ‘did I do that?’

Found on Amazon: Bitter, Party of One… Your Table is Ready: Relationship advice from a guy who has no business giving it.

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