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Better than Dirty

By HollyWit

In all seriousness, I am still rather stupified by Brit's head shaving excursion. This from ONTD might help explain what is transpiring in her world:

"It's been all over the gossip blogs, so I'm just updating what I reported last night. I spoke with my relative who works at CSMS. Apparently Britney was checked in late last night by an older male and was diagnosed with something called "Amphetamine psychosis". I'm not exactly sure what that is, but basically, it's psychosis brought on by use of amphetamines. I don't know what pills or drugs you would take to have that happen, but there's all those rumors she does a lot of ecstasy and prescription medication. From wikipedia: Amphetamine psychosis is a form of psychosis which can result from amphetamine or methamphetamine use. Amphetamine psychosis can include delusions, hallucinations and thought disorder. Hallucinations are frequently reported in chronic amphetamine users, with over 80% of users reporting the presence of hallucinatory experiences, typically as visual or auditory experiences. Delusions, paranoia, fears about persecution, hyperactivity and panic are also reported as the most common features.

She wasn't supposed to leave but something happened, she had some kind of outburst, was very paranoid, and they let her go, and have been involved with her today, but not at the hospital (at her home? at a clinic?). "

As most people suspected (if there is any truth to the above statements) that Britney definitely was on something! This is one lost soul who truly needs an anchor in her life. She has ALOT of hard work ahead of her if she wants to gain any credibility and respect in the eyes of quite a few people. I wonder what her record label JIVE has to say about this? Sad day for Brit fans.

Source: Gallery Of The Absurd, ONTD

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