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Its Time to LuLu Again

By Christina

Just when my hubby thought he had reined me in from my Fashion Week shopping psychosis, here comes the next Planet LuLu sample sale. Last month, if you remember, I picked up a g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s Juicy Couture light pink tracksuit - I have been lusting for one of those for years - and it was less than half the regular price. Shipping was quick and efficient - I did have a problem getting my credit card run through and it ended up double charging me, but they rectified that quickly and easily too (not their fault - my bank is paranoid about internet shopping). Love PlanetLulu - I hope you will too.

If you remember, the trick is to get an invite - you can’t get into the sale without one - so sign up early (this means go now while it’s on your mind). This sale is much bigger than the last one, and there will be all sorts of wonderful brands to shop for very deep discounts - the sale runs from February 22 through the 31st. Keep an eye on the Planet Lulu MySpace for more info as well! And while you are in MySpace, come be my friend - I am just getting the hang of this MySpace thing, and the thing I know is that I don’t have many friends.

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