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BET's third annual Rip the Runway premiered last Tuesday. And it was amazing.

Diddy opened the show by defining fashion, specifically black fashion, saying, "It's not just the clothes; it's the lifestyle; it's the swagger ... Urban fashion is at the forefront of style around the world." BET's tagline for Rip the Runway is "black fashion," but that's really just a label, like preppy or geek chic. The fashions were about attitude and confidence -- traits that aren't bound by skin color.

Collections by Missy Elliott, Zac Posen, Snoop Dogg (and Mrs. Dogg), Nelly, Diddy, and more were showcased by models who truly strutted their stuff down the runway, dancing to performances by artists like N.E.R.D., Flo Rida and T-Pain.

Be sure to check out the galleries from the show. I'm telling you, if I had my choice of runways to watch (or walk -- you hear that, Nelly?), this would be it. The music, the attitude, the passion evident in everyone from the designers to the models to the performers ... it was just fabulous. If you missed it, you can still watch the entire show on BET's website and go through the rest of Styledash's coverage of Rip the Runway.
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