7 Best Places for a Successful First Date ...


Are there such things as best places for a successful first date? Well, I’d say both yes and no. Even the most fool proof plans can backfire if not done correctly and even the most unconventional places could provide an ideal setting for your first date. But, don’t let that scare you into changing your plans because I’m about to give you some ideas and tell you something more about 7 best places for a successful first date.

1. Coffee Shop

Nothing beats the classic, β€œLet’s have a coffee together sometime?” line – Doesn’t it? Well, then coffee shop it is! Now, choosing the right coffee shop is something you need to take very seriously as both too crowded and too quiet places might ruin your date. Loud music and people zooming in and out will probably make having a normal conversation very difficult, if not even impossible, while too quiet, totally empty coffee shops make the awkward situation even worse. Make the right choice and you’ll have a wonderful time as coffee shops tend to be one of the best places for a successful first date.

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