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Belkins Network USB Hub Promises to Make Setting up a Print Server on Your Network Easy

By Chip

Belkin unveiled a slew of new products this week, and we have to hand it to Belkin for always coming out with products that are always well designed and well thought out. For example, they’ve created the Hub-To-Go ($49.99) USB hub that can add up to 7 USB ports to your computer set-up. Designed to sit on your desk, the Hub-To-Go has room for holding paper clips, business cards and other accessories and it is also designed to hold Belkin’s Swivel Hub ($29.99) so that you can easily detach the swivel hub and use it as a portable hub when you need to. That is a perfect example of the kind of well thought out product that we are talking about. However, of their new products the one we are personally most excited about is the Network USB Hub. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to share a printer over my wireless home network for years. Vista promised that that process would be easier than ever, and so has several software apps and hardware peripherals yet I’m still without the convenience of wireless printer sharing. The Belkin Network USB Hub promises to set up a print server over your network in just 3 minutes. It also allows you to share up to other devices including multifunction printers, USB drivers, and scanners with everyone on your network. The device itself is almost identical to Belkin’s other Mac Mini’esque USB & Firewire hub, except the Network USB Hub has a black finish. The Network USB Hub retails for $129.99.

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