7 Beautiful Butterfly Décor Items ...

There are so many things about butterflies I admire, even aside from their lush colors and graceful flutters. To me, they’re the perfect symbol of life’s transformative moments, and I love to have them in my home (not real ones, of course) as a reminder of why I love them so. If you feel the same way, keep reading! Here are 7 beautiful butterfly décor items.

1. Mosaic Flutters Candle

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Price: $20.00 at anthropologie.com
A troop of beautifully sculpted butterflies flits and flutters across this globe candle, ready to shed some light and add some beauty to any room of your home. The vegetable-paraffin blend candle is available in two scents — mandarin juniper berry and Moroccan jasmine — and each has a burn time of 40 hours.

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