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Hungry Girlwas created by Lisa, who like a lot of us, has struggled with her weight. The site came from her constant search for healthy alternatives to a lot of her favorite “bad” foods.

Chock full of the latest health and diet news, Hungry Girl informs us of the latest trends in dieting, health news and new products.

Hungry Girl also shares in “Chew the Right Thing”, ways to take your favorite food and make them healthier by using substitutes for the various fats and calorie-laden ingredients. This part of the site ROCKS! Making a healthy blueberry muffin, come on, who wouldn't want that???? ;)

Weekly Weigh-In” will delve into the the true nutritional value of the foods we eat. Ever wonder how many calories are in that Chicken Salad from your favorite fast food restaurant? Check it out here and you will be shocked!

Girls Bite Out also sheds light on the thousands of new products touting low fat, low calorie, etc. See how they stack up in this informative section.

Overall, if you are concerned about your health, and let us face it, who isn't these days?, you will love all of the information on Hungry Girl. Lisa has made this site easy to navigate and really FUN to explore. You really should check it out, after all we ALL are Hungry Girls ;)

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What are your personal tips to eating healthy?

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