Another Reason Why Britney Might Have Ditched Rehab Last Week

I don’t think so; Kevin and her mother are working together, not working against each other. Can you believe that Kevin is looking like the stable one in all of this?

This missing bombshell explains a LOT. Britney had a good reason for busting out of Promises rehab early Wednesday. K-Fed had KIDNAPPED her children! Not long after Brit checked into the Malibu rehab, Kevin appeared at the Malibu house and TOOK the children away from Britney’s mother. Her mom tried to get police help but they wouldn’t get involved since Kevin was their father and had legal custody. Plus, of course Britney was not there. He took the children to his house in Sherman Oaks. Kevin confided to friends that he thought Britney was "crazy" and he loves his children too much to leave them with her family. Kevin’s family, including his mother, are at the house with the kids. His friends say he has a very "normal" family. THAT’s why Brit broke out of rehab and ran straight to a lawyer’s office. (above) Kevin reasoned with her and let her visit the kids to see they were all right. He told her she must complete rehab in order to get the children back. So now she’s back in treatment and motivated.

Meh. I call bullshi$.


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