Amsterdam Are Men Ready for Jewellery?


Amsterdam Are Men Ready for Jewellery?
Amsterdam Are Men Ready for Jewellery?

by sara bertoni

This Valentine’s Day, I avoided the typical cozy movie night with flowers and did something different. I went to the super trendy restaurant Envy in Amterdam. The occasion: The new Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Collection unisex line.

Thomas Sabo has given the silver jewellery market an entirely new appearance – and redefined its self-understanding. In the past men usually entered a Thomas Sabo Shop to buy a wonderful present for their women. But from now on there is one more convincing reason for them to do so: the new Sterling Silver Collection for the spring and summer of 2007 includes Thomas Sabo’s first ever Silver Jewellery & Accessories collection specifically for both sexes!

But who is Thomas Sabo? Thomas Sabo, born in the mid-1960s in Austria, is a sports and music enthusiast. You can find him on the golf course, at sailing regattas and at Formula 1 races – but also at open-air festivals. He loves people and the world. His adventurous life took him to distant continents at early age – and he finally ended up with an ambitious decision: in 1984, the jewellery-enthusiast and visionary mover and shaker established his own company, hence kicking off a success story.

The story of the company started in the 1980s. In 1984, the jewellery enthusiast and self-made man Thomas Sabo set up his own jewellery company with its headquarters in the historical town on Lauf an der Pegnitz in Bavaria – and gave this enterprise his name.

The new collection reveals a language of form that appeals to both feminine and masculine characters: tags and sinister, black pavé skulls-and-crossbones for die-hard rebels; rings and tusks in onyx and tiger’s eye for casual denim heroes, elegant cufflinks for the modern, self-confident dandy. Striking in design, the new designer label items allow for an arresting expression of mood and vibe.

All in all, a successful premiere. The new collection will undoubtedly lead to the stronger sex finally showing their weaker side from time to time. It is not so much the question "are men ready for jewellery?" But more like "When is the jewellery ready for men?" Thomas Sabo’s response to this question is now available in stores.

Rebel at heart - my personal favourite. "Rock’n’Roll will never die!" could be the motto of this series. The dark, wild side of man’s soul seeks a means of expression – and finds it in the new pieces in this collection. Mysterious Chinese dragons, sparkling swords, rocking guitars and sinister skulls-and-crossbones, covered with black pavé stones, are the icons of the eternal rebel in men.

Enter the dragon: He certainly doesn’t look 4,000 years old: the symbolic power and beauty of the Chinese dragon continues unabated. In Asia, he has always been considered a wise demigod who protects people and bestows gifts upon them. The dragon represents strength, endurance and a long life. Worn as an amulet, tradition has it that it brings about happy conclusions to difficult enterprises. Here Thomas Sabo has transferred this part of Asian mythology to the West, with opulent, expressive rings and pendants, so that it can reveal its power in the same way.

**Key to your heart: **Here’s a locksmith of the very best kind. These charming and sensual items of jewellery are bound to open one or two firmly closed hearts. For many years now, the hidden desires of women have not been a book with seven seals. Openly worn around the neck, these glittering keys and the subtle playful locks are like an unspoken request to get to know the secrets of the wearer.

More about Paisley: "I gathered inspiration from classical Indian paisley motifs while designing these items of jewellery. And I was also driven by the question of how to transform an old tradition and create something contemporary in an unorthodox manner. The result is a modern, albeit timelessly-fascinating interpretation for the Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Collection", explains Susanne Kˆlbli, Creative Director of the international label. The ethnic influence in the design is further underlined by the choice of materials, turquoise and tiger’s eye.

**Girl’s best friends: **Spectacularly multifaceted is the dazzling fire radiated by these exceptionally high-quality gems. Set in Sterling Silver, the product of the traditional silversmith workshops at Thomas Sabo, we have created fashion pieces here, which fulfill the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and quality. These masterpiece items of jewellery acquire their eternal value as a result of the great sensitivity for the material, a particular dexterity in the design and extreme precision in the cut. The top-quality, carefully selected and examined zirconia stones stand up to scrutiny when compared to genuine diamonds. Because even their brilliance is quite seductive. Hardly surprising that even experts can barely tell the difference. In a nutshell: an absolute must for all "material girls".

These are just few of the items of the new collection.

I found also irresistible the TS Charm Club. Charm up your life. If you want to celebrate something, why don’t you buy one of the unique charms of TS? You can find anything you want, from "40 and fab" for your birthday , to "sweet home" to celebrate a new house, the VIP to someone very special or just the initial of your name, so trendy right now...

At the end of the evening, after drinking champagne and seeing wonderful models wearing TS new collection, a wonderful goody bag to end this amazing St Valentine's day. A pair of Thomas Sabo Heart earrings and a huge pink chocolate heart...Wild at heart !

Increasingly, the line between the "typically feminine" and the "typically male" is being blurred in fashion. There are ever more items of clothing that have the same meaning and expression for both sexes. With its brand-new unisex line, Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver now offers a further convergence in terms of fashionable accessories.

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