Aaron Carter's Hollywood Fender Bender

By popbytes

Aaron Carter's Hollywood Fender Bender

hey hey! ok so this past friday i called in sick to work - when i returned today - one very cool co-worker (who wants to remain anonymous) of mine came running up to me - going on about witnessing a minor fender bender on hollywood blvd (at the corner of orange - right next to hollywood's roosevelt hotel) it involved a white mercedes rear ending a silver VW bug (there wasn't a lot of damage but the mercedes symbol from the front grill was missing...) guess who was driving the mercedes? it was aaron carter - the messy younger & washed up brother of 'backstreet boy' nick carter! my pal was working a little late that night and spotted the incident and quickly snapped a few pictures which are posted below! they told me as the girls and mr. carter were exchanging 'important yet boring' details (no police were called the scene - plus there wasn't a paparazzi in sight) they had no clue who he was and then aaron even broke into a few moments of singing for them - then finally a tourist (of course) recognized him (shame on them!)

aaron seemed quite content with the very small bit of attention - then my friend asked him to snap a picture and mr. carter obliged with a big ol' smile (he's practicing for his inevitable mugshot!) it all seems fishy to me - apparently he was flirting hardcore w/ the ladies - and what a convenient place to rear end someone! although his mini PR stunt most likely failed - i looked around the web and i've seen no mention of the fender bender - so i suppose this is a semi-exclusive post - not the most groundbreaking story but it's something right? popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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