9 Steps to Organize Your Bag ...


Some call it a handbag, some call it a purse. Whatever you choose to call it, the bag is one of women’s best friends. It serves so many purposes – locker, safety blanket, carrier, accessory – that it is no wonder that many women show love for their bags. As much as we love the look, feel, and emptiness of brand new bags, they do not stay that way forever. Bags, no matter how big or small, are not exempt from clutter and disorder. I’ve experienced having a messy bag and I have to admit how inefficient and frustrating it can be to search for a ringing phone, keys, and other things I might need. If you share this sentiment, then don’t despair. You can achieve a cleaner and more organized bag in nine easy steps.

1. Dump the Contents

In order to see everything you have in your bag, you need to dump all the contents on a flat surface. At the sight of the clutter, you will possibly feel mortified, horrified, amused, or a mix of those three emotions. But don’t worry. The clutter will soon be eliminated.

Throw out the Garbage
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