9 Excuses to Eat Chocolate ...

Okay, who needs any excuses to eat chocolate? I know I don’t! Let’s face it, chocolate looks good, smells good, and makes you feel good. But just in case you need some good excuses to justify your chocolate habit – here they are …

1. Health Benefits

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How many times have we heard that a few squares of good quality dark chocolate has health benefits? Well, as they say, every little helps, so surely a lot must help even more? Conclusion: any chocolate is good for you, whatever the quality.

2. Because You Want to

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We are adults. Being adults can be boring, with all the responsibility it entails, but there are also benefits. One of those is that you can do what you want, and nobody can tell you you’ve got to make your Easter eggs last. So if you want to eat chocolate, you can eat as much as you want!

3. Feelgood Factor

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They say that a little of what you fancy does you good, so as I mentioned above, a lot must do you even more good. Whether it’s psychological or physical, I’m convinced that chocolate is good for you and we should look after our wellbeing. Pass the choccy.

4. Economy

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Just think of how many cocoa beans are required to produce the massive amounts of chocolate consumed every year. Girls, the cocoa farmers of the world depend on us. As do the manufacturers, factory workers, shop assistants … it is our duty to eat more chocolate and keep all these people in employment.

5. It’s There

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The shops are full of chocolate bars – different brands, flavours, with or without nuts. Since it’s there, we might as well buy it and eat it. Would you want it to go to waste?

6. Altruism

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Unfortunately, not everyone can eat chocolate, perhaps for health reasons. So if you eat that chocolate bar, then you save someone else from being tempted. What a noble thing you have done!

7. Good Example

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If you have kids, then people will keep buying them Easter Eggs. Now, you don’t want them to develop a sweet tooth, do you? It’s too late for you, so do the right thing and eat all the eggs before the kids get to them. Blame the Easter Bunny for stealing them back.

8. Longevity

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If you don’t eat chocolate, can you prove that abstinence has helped you live longer? And would you actually enjoy those extra years/months/weeks? So there’s no point in denying yourself – just go ahead and scoff!

9. Because It Tastes Good

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Is there really any better reason than this? There are times when a bar of chocolate really does make you feel better, whatever is troubling you! That lovely taste and texture … there’s no better cure for any problem!

Can you think of any more reasons for eating chocolate, serious or silly? Are you one of those rare people who doesn’t actually like it?

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