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Gwyneth PaltrowWhen Gwyneth stepped out this weekend in this YSL belted stunner, it was affirmed to me that 80's style was here to stay. The newest era of this trend is mirrored in exctly what she's wearing...think "Dynasty" with less hairspray and more toned down jewelry.Then, you have 80's fashion offenders like the notorious Mischa B.Mischa BartonI have to admit...the 80's style tulip skirt dress from Bebe is cute...I even like her mall bangs. However, the footless tights push it over the edge, and I don't even want to talk about the shoes. Mischa almost gets the new 80's look right. However, if you want to do the 80's style toned down prom dress look, take some cues from Angie Harmon...Angie HarmonThe style of dress? A flattering and unique look from Christian Dior. The color? Subdued. The accessories, hair and shoes? Minimal. THIS is how you do 80's flashback with a contemporary flair. Love it.Do it up LeFashionista indie designer style with one of our fave looks, the Satin Bubble Dress from Prospect 44.Satin Bubble Dress $150.00So what are your thoughts? Is the new 80's look fab, or is it time to move on? Did Mischa get it right? Will the trend for footless tights never end? All this and more, on the next edition of Couture in the City.Technorati Tags:Gwyneth Paltrow Mischa Barton Angie Harmon 80's style Bebe Christian Dior Fashion Expert Designer Fashion Indie Designer Fall Trends Prospect 44 [...]

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