8 Tips on Coping with Emotional Eating ...

Emotional eating can turn into a serious situation. Health issues can arise from this condition, such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Signs of this condition include eating when you are bored, lonely, angry, depressed, frustrated, or afraid. Overeating and gaining an unhealthy amount of weight often causes more stress. Here are 8 tips on coping with emotional eating that have helped many individuals.

8. There’s Nothing Wrong with Occasional Cravings

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The trick here is to know how to go about giving in to a certain craving so that it remains a craving and doesn’t turn into overeating. It’s very easy to sit down with a bag of chips or a package of cookies and finish off every last one without even realizing you are doing so. Try this: separate the contents into smaller servings so that you can monitor how much you are eating in one sitting. It’s important not to grab all the servings at once though. This would defeat your purpose!

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