8 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs a Gay BFF ...

Grace had Will, Carrie had Sanford, Charlotte had Anthony – a fictional, on-screen bond between a straight gal and a gay male is not just a marketing trick or the network’s way to be politically correct. In fact, many celebs and normal girls like you and me have realized that GBFs (gay BFFs) are those honest friends-for-life they have been unsuccessfully trying to find for many years. Now, if you are still managing to resist this global trend and you still don’t have a gay BFF, here are 8 good reasons why you should definitely give it some thought:

1. Male Viewpoint

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Photo Credit: Pensiero

You could spend days talking with your girl BFF, relive and explain every single detail of your date, interpret all his body language signs and still have no clue if is he into you! A gay BFF, on the other hand, has enough “male brain” to know exactly how “his kind” thinks and enough “female brain” to explain everything to you over a cup of coffee.

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