8 of My Favorite Creepy Movies ...


To me, “creepy” and “scary” are two different things, especially in movies. A scary movie is all about the thrill, the gore, the shock that makes you scream out loud in the theater. Creepy is more reserved, slowly drawing you in, making you think, and giving you nightmares for weeks. Creepy movies are so much more visceral and powerful than scary one, and if you agree, keep reading! Here are my 8 favorite creepy movies…

1. Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary

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What happens when a young doctor and his family move to a small New England college town? It may sound idyllic, but it’s not. Things start to go wrong quickly, and despite his neighbor’s warning that “sometimes dead is better,” the doctor decides to try to raise the dead. This movie is so creepy, not just because of the gore, but because of the tension, and a few of the characters and some of the back-story.

Let the Right One in
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