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8 Animals That You Don't Want to Cross Paths with in the Wild ...

By Talynn

Avid adventurists and outdoors enthusiasts are known for taking risks. For the loving the unpredictability of the wild, and letting the cards fall where they may. Here are some animals that you definitely don’t want the cards to drop on.

8 Skunk

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Skunks ARE terrifiying in the worst kind of way. They may not threaten your life, but they can definitely ruin it. Think about how bad it is driving over a dead one. Now think about smelling like that yourself, and don’t forget that the stench is impossible to remove. Ugh…

7 Bees, Hornets, Etc. in Mass Amounts

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If any of you have seen My Girl, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Even if you’re not allergic a swarm of these guys can ruin you. No one wants to be that guy in Candy Man with bees flying out of him.

6 Scorpions

ScorpionsImage source:

Small, but terrifying. Just seeing one isn’t bad, but the thought of zipping into your sleeping bad, ready to cozy up for the night only to get stung on the ankle by one of these poisonous mini-monstrosities is just one more reason to ALWAYS check that bag before getting in.

5 Elephant

ElephantImage source:

Elephants are big, territorial, and mean. You would be too if you were big enough to push around basically anything on the planet. I mean, it takes a whole pride of lions just to take down a baby. Now that’s power.

4 Basically Any Poisonous Snake

Basically Any Poisonous SnakePhoto Credit: archiew

Snakes are freaking creepy. They don’t have legs, they shed, the can fit just about anywhere, they’re super quiet. Yuck. The poisonous ones can kill you, but since most people’s gut instinct when seeing one is to flip out they can also cause you to kill yourself. Not a good combination by any means.

3 Lions

LionsImage source:

The hunt in packs and are super strong killer cats. I’ve seen cats play with their food and I definitely don’t ever want to be in the situation where I could become a lion’s playmate or dinner entrée.

2 Bears

Yes, I think bears are scarier than lions. They’re just so big and cuddly looking, yet they are powerful killers. They are faster than people and can climb trees. There’s basically no escaping these guys if they are set on making you their own personal picnic basket. Just watch Grizzly Man and you’ll see what I mean.

1 Sharks

SharksImage source:

No surprise here, right? People are just out of the element in the water, and that makes these guys a thousand times scarier. You have never once gotten into the ocean without scanning for a fin. Either Jaws is just that good or there is a real reason to fear these guys. They’re huge, silent, have rows of teeth, and possess some of the most unemotionally evil eyes it’s possible to meet. Sharks > Every other animal on the planet.

There are TONS of animals that I wouldn’t want to run into anywhere outside of a zoo. What would your be? And don’t say mouse…please.

Top Photo Credit: Scott's Foto Café

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