7 Ways to Welcome Your Hero Home from Overseas ...

My daughter’s boyfriend just returned from Iraq. The minute he stepped off the plan, he hugged my daughter, then fell down on one knee and proposed to her! Of course, she said yes! We are so thankful he came home safe, unharmed, and whole. Here is what we did to make him feel welcome, and let him know how much of a hero he really is.

1. We Greeted Him at the Airport

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Photo Credit: David Kozlowski

It may not be possible for everyone, but we drove 20 hours to be at the airport when he arrived. We REALLY wanted to be in Maryland when he landed, but we couldn’t make it. We were at the Air Force base when he landed there. If you live close to an airport where troops are brought home, take the time to be there, at least once. It’s a day your will never forget.

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