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6 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Flying ...

By Kati

Flying is now a normal part of everyday can fly to pretty much anywhere, and in varying styles, from economy seats to extra-leg-room-five-star-meal-first-class seats. One in three people still suffers from a fear of flying, though, which severely limits their ability to enjoy trips to far off locations. There are some tips that can help, though, and here are the ones I found most successful...

1 Read up

Read upPhoto Credit: A Cranmer

Visit a library, or buy some books about flying. They don’t need to be technical, as you don’t need to be an expert, but gain an understanding about what is involved, such as how the plane stays in the air, and what causes turbulence. While this might sound scary, things as much less scary when we know about them, and will make you feel more in control.

2 Use Treatments

Use TreatmentsPhoto Credit: hjw223

Get rid of some of the symptoms by using quick fix treatments, such as rescue remedy. This will help you to feel as normal as possible, and stop you having to contend with anxiety, stress or nausea, which will make your fear seem so much worse. I’ve always found a combination of Rescue Remedy and Travel Balm calms my nerves perfectly.

3 Learn Breathing Techniques

Learn Breathing TechniquesPhoto Credit: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora

Learn some breathing techniques, which will help you to keep your breathing calm and controlled, which will in turn help you to calm down. Close your eyes and imagine somewhere relaxing. Breathe slowly and deeply, in through your nostrils, and out. Think ‘relax’ and let your mind go blank. Your fear should disappear, and your breathing calm down.

4 Forget the Journey

Forget the JourneyPhoto Credit: PatrickSmithPhotography

Picture why you are getting on the plane, and not the journey itself. Are you visiting friends or family, going to a wedding, or going on holiday? Picture the beach in your head, or your family members, or a pina colada. Don’t think about the flight at all, just why you are going, and the benefits. Excite yourself!

5 Control Your Mind

Control Your MindPhoto Credit: *Arielle*

It’s easy to let negative thoughts take over your mind, so learn to control it. Tell yourself hat you won’t be scared, that you will be fine, and picture happy moments and uneventful flights. Don’t allow that negative voice to say are telling yourself to feel scared, and that will make your fear worse. There is no reason to believe anything will go wrong, so allow your positivity a say!

6 Consider Therapy

For some people, a fear is more subconscious then conscious, and it can be too hard to fight alone. If this is the case for you, then consider therapy, such as hypnotherapy. Find a reputable hypnotherapist, and discuss your fears with them. They should be able to unlock your unconscious, and make yourself feel much better, and more at ease. It only takes between one and three sessions, too!

Flying is scary...I always worry a little, but these tips help me alot, and mean I can enjoy holidays in far away places and joining friends when they marry in different countries. Before, I felt stuck at home, as I couldn’t bring myself near a plane! Don’t suffer in silence...these tips really will make a difference! Have you found another way to conquer a fear of flying? I’d love to hear about it!

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