6 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Flying ...

Flying is now a normal part of everyday life...you can fly to pretty much anywhere, and in varying styles, from economy seats to extra-leg-room-five-star-meal-first-class seats. One in three people still suffers from a fear of flying, though, which severely limits their ability to enjoy trips to far off locations. There are some tips that can help, though, and here are the ones I found most successful...

1. Read up

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Photo Credit: A Cranmer

Visit a library, or buy some books about flying. They don’t need to be technical, as you don’t need to be an expert, but gain an understanding about what is involved, such as how the plane stays in the air, and what causes turbulence. While this might sound scary, things as much less scary when we know about them, and will make you feel more in control.

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