7 Ways to Strengthen Your Nails ...


Until just a few years ago, I bit my fingernails a lot. They were in awful shape, and even when I would stop biting them, they would grow in so weak and brittle that it was just a matter of time before I started doing it again. For anyone who suffers from weak nails for any reason, I hope these 7 ways to strengthen your nails can help you!

1. Lemon Juice & Olive Oil

You can create a mixture out of really easy to find ingredients, lemon juice and olive oil, to fortify your nails. All you need is a few drops of the juice and about a tablespoon of the olive oil. Then all you have to do is rub the mixture right onto/into your fingernails. It's best to follow this up by pulling on some plain what cotton gloves. Ideally you should do this at night, because then you can leave the gloves on while you sleep! If you do this two times a week, your nails will soon be much stronger.