7. Join a Study Group or Find a Study Partner

Join a Study Group or Find a Study Partner

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Motivation in any form is always a good thing. In a study group you will feel more pressure to stay on top of your class and if it's a friend, you've got that personal, one-on-one time together to drill each other and offer suggestions or advice. Maybe it's your best friend, or maybe a sibling. Whoever it is, make sure you pick a time at least once a week to study together, and be serious about it. No goofing off!

Getting better grades all boils down to a few main things. Discipline and motivation are two of them. If you feel like school is a bore and a drag, you need to try hard to get past that way of thinking. Your education is important! No matter what you choose to do in life, you will at least need a high school diploma for just about any job you apply for. Then there's college. Work hard to achieve good grades and you will have better opportunities in life!

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