7 Ways to Boost Your Career ...


It’s easy to get stuck in a work rut these days, especially when the world is going through recession...most people are just glad they have a job at all! I’ve been thinking recently about my career, though, after talking to a friend who has been in the same job for six years and is feeling utterly stuck. We should always be working towards improving our careers, and I’ve been researching exactly how to do that. Here are my top tips...

1. Get a Pay Rise

Get a Pay Rise

Photo Credit: RichSeattle

Do you feel that you deserve a pay rise? Well, you’ll have to convince your employer of that too. Keep a diary of all the extra work you do over a month, and research average salaries for your role both in your company and in others. Don’t be emotional, be factual, and if your boss can’t give you a rise, consider other benefits that would be acceptable. And pick your moment....if your company has just declared redundancies, it’s probably not the best time.

Get a Promotion
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