7 Tips on Having Model Nails ...

There are not many of us that would like to watch a commercial with a model that has dry and rough looking hands. Here are 7 tips on having model nails, which is important for everyday life, plus both women and men, as it will add to your attractiveness.

7. Regularly Shape Your Nails

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People have different preferences over nail shape and this is reflected by the variety shown in advertisements. Some people like an oval shape and others a square. It is worth noting that a complete square shape can cause your nails to split, catch on clothing and break more easily. You may want to consider a combination of both, a square nail that is filed into a curve around the edges.

6. Stay Clear of Regular Nail Varnish Remover Use

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Nail varnish remover dries out your nails and can cause splitting; this is due to alcohol being a main ingredient. In my opinion, unless your varnish is extremely chipped when you are using the same colour just paint over the already existing coat.

5. Use Clear Nail Varnish

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Clear nail varnish will not only make your nails glisten and look good but it will also help to strengthen them. In order to build up the strength you will need to use this on a regular basis and if you want to wear a dark coloured varnish use a clear as a base coat. Otherwise you could end up with stained nails, which is not attractive.

4. The Same Length

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Try to make sure that your nails are kept to a similar length. If one breaks then file down the others to match the size. In my opinion nails of significantly different lengths can look very untidy; they do not have to be perfect though.

3. Do Not Grow Your Nails Too Long

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Photo Credit: Diamond Nails

Quite a few people fact victim to split nails, which in my opinion can look horrible plus they can break easily. In order to prevent the splitting try not to grow your nails too long as cause can cause splits, if you do not suffer from this then grow them longer.

2. Now Buy Some Milk

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Lets face it milk is cheaper than Olive Oil and some people may not want to waste it on their nails, I would be one of them. Milk has a similar effect on your cuticles after your have soaked your hands in it for a few minutes.

1. Buy Some Olive Oil

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Photo Credit: Erwin Co Photography

Yes this is a tip about nails and not cooking. Soaking your hands in Olive Oil helps to moisturise your nails but it does not carry the same negative effect as water, they will not loose their strength. You will also find that by doing this your cuticles will become softer.

There you have 7 tips on having model hands, they are useful regardless of whether you actually want to become a hand or nail model. You should find that they help to strengthen your nails over time and compliment your appearance.

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