7 Tips on Caring for Pigs ...

Pigs are entertaining animals. I’ve had regular meat pigs and pot bellied pigs in the past and both are fun to raise. I’ll have to admit, the pot bellied pigs were a lot easier to raise, since they didn’t have to be kept in a pen. The larger pigs were all sows that each gave birth to 10 to 13 babies. Whether you are looking to raise pigs as a food source or for pets, here are 7 tips on caring for pigs.

7. Give Them Attention

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Photo Credit: Photo Houston

Even pigs being raised for food have feelings. They enjoy being scratched behind the ears and petted. It does make butchering time a bit harder though. My family raised three little pigs for meat one year. Mom named them all (big mistake) and would spend a lot of time with them. She took them the kitchen scraps, made them warm oatmeal on cold winter mornings, and basically spoiled those things rotten. The meat was tenderer than any of the other pigs we raised. None of the latter batches of pigs got the physical attention that these little guys did, so I’m convinced that had something to do with it.

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