7 Things You Need to Know about Germs ...

Germs are everywhere whether you know it or not! During the busy season of Christmas peoples hands have touched everything, including the toy packages you are picking up and looking at. Who else has touched that same box? Here are a few things to keep in mind this season about germs, and how to protect your self for flu bugs, stomach viruses, and other germs lurking around.

1. The Door Knob

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We all know thousands of hands touch the doorknob and handle. I’ve seen people cough, and then reach for the store door! I’ve seen people go through a series of sneezes and immediately open the mall door. And I have seen kids wipe their running nose with their fingers and then proceed to open the door right in front of me. I like to carry β€œGerm Wipes” and use them to open all doors. I also carry Germ X and use it frequently while out shopping.

2. The Food Bar

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How many fingers have touched that serving spoon in the Mac and cheese bowl at the food bar? I try and hold the handle of the ladle as close to the spoon as possible. And always use Germ X or wash your hands before you begin eating.

3. You Can Be a Carrier

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I was talking to a friend on Sunday and she told me she has been around people at work with the flu. Although she never came down with the flu her self, she carried the germ home to her children. It is possible to carry a germ and your immune system is strong enough to fight off the germ. But be careful around children who may be exposed to the germ through you.

4. Germs Affect People Differently

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Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, my extended family gathered at my parent’s home for the week. There were about 27 of us. Almost every one of us came down with the stomach virus that week. A few needed a trashcan, a few needed the bathroom, and a few need both. A couple of us only became nauseated and 2 or 3 were lucky enough not even to be bothered with the symptoms. The virus affected each of us in a different way.

5. Where They Live

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Germs live on soft surfaces longer than hard surfaces. This includes Kleenex’s, hand towels, and hats, gloves, and scarves. Also, blankets and quilts can carry germs. So if your child, or you, cough or sneeze into the blanket, be sure and wash the blanket once your child feels better. And never re-use a Kleenex. Always throw it away after sneezing or cough into one.

6. There Are Good Germs

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Not all germs are bad for you. This is why children need vaccine shots. Once your child has been exposed to these germs through a vaccine, their body will be able to fight the germ if they ever come in contact with the germs, such as polio, mumps, small pox, any of the germs that cause severe and serious diseases.

7. They like Warm Environments

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Germs can live in warm environments longer than cold ones. Places like school locker rooms and public sinks host more germs than toilets. Most germs need heat to live and thrive and cold, hard surfaces do not promote a good environment for living germs.

Wintertime is the time for colds, flu’s, and viruses. Be careful out there! Protect your self and your kids this season. While we cannot live in glass bubbles, we can do things that help us stay healthy, like eating healthy food and taking extra vitamin C. How do you protect your family from germs?

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