7 Things NEVER to Say to Someone Who's Dieting ...


Chances are, right now, you have a friend who’s dieting. Regardless of why she’s dieting, if she’s serious, you want to be encouraging in everything you say and do. On the other hand, there are a lot of things you could say that would have the opposite effect, and might make her mad, hurt her feelings, or send her in search of a contraband bag of cookies. Here’s my list of 7 things never to say to a friend who’s dieting.

1. “Should You Be Eating That?”

“Should You Be Eating That?”

Photo Credit: Daneli

Unless your friend has specifically asked that you keep her hands out of the chips bag or otherwise monitor her eating habits, don’t ever make a comment on what your friend chooses to eat. Yes, she might appreciate the reminder, but remember, you don’t know what she sacrificed all day to be able to have that one bon-bon, and she won’t want to explain that to you, I’m sure.

“but Your Family is so Skinny!”
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