7 Things Getting Older Has Taught Me ...

A quick peek at the calendar tells me I am getting very close to being forty, and I’m delighted. I’m perfectly happy to be who I am now, and I’d rather be here in this stage of my life than my miserable teens, frantic twenties, and lie-to-me thirties. I’ve learned so much in these nearly forty years, and I’ve never been happier or felt smarter. Here are 7 things getting older (not OLD) has taught me…

1. I Love the Way I Look

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When I was younger, I used to agonize over my … well, my less-than-A-cup chest. I used to dream about how wonderful my life would be if I were only a B-cup… the parties I’d attend, the bikini tops I’d wear. I even briefly considered breast augmentation surgery. Now that I’m older, I couldn’t care less. I love my body, and I love the way I look. Confidence and self-acceptance are attractive, far sexier than any one feature of your body, so I’ve stopped picking apart my appearance, and I’ve never been happier with it.

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