7 Simple Ways to Cut Calories ...

If you’re trying to lose weight, or just keep it off during the upcoming holidays, then you’re probably already paying careful attention to the number of calories you consume versus the number of calories you burn each day. But a busy girl like you can only spend so many hours a week on the elliptical machine, so you may want to also think about simply cutting a few calories here and there, and spending only five hours a week on the elliptical, right? But how do you cut calories without spending a lot of time planning careful menus and living on celery sticks? I can help. Here are 7 simple ways to cut calories to help you lose weight (or just keep it off).

1. Cut out the Soda

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Soda is empty calories, plain and simple. Worse still, most of it’s made with high fructose corn syrup, not sugar, so our bodies don’t even really know how to process it. Unless you’re willing to make the switch to diet soda (which offers its own dangers, like the possibility of cancer from the artificial sweeteners in it), it’s a great idea to cut soda from your diet. If you cut out a mere 32 ounces of soda per day (about two tall glasses of it), you’ll cut an amazing 480 calories. That’s a QUARTER of the average woman’s daily calorie intake!

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