7 Reasons Not to Mess with Old People ...


If there is only one piece of advice you ever listen to in your entire life, let it be this: Never, ever mess with an old person. You will regret it. Old people may appear fragile and helpless, but this is just a façade for their true nature, which has been honed to perfection over many generations. They are truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So here are 7 reasons to beware of those deceptively innocent-looking seniors

1. War Veterans

Old people have always Lived Through A War. Even if it ended twenty years before they were born, they still Lived Through The War. So they are tough. You do not mess with tough people. If you are ever foolish enough to challenge them about the actual dates of the war not tallying with their lifespan, or taking place at a considerable distance, they will just fix you with an evil stare and mutter that young people today don’t know they’re born. You cannot win when dealing with oldies.

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