7 Popular Sugar Myths Busted...Your Body Will Thank You! ...


I love sugar. It tastes amazing, and sugar rushes are just what you need to get you through Monday mornings sometimes...but recent studies show that we could be consuming up to 22 teaspoons daily, which is a lot of sugar. So where is it all coming from, and is it really as bad as we are told? Here are the most popular sugar myths busted...

1. Most of Our Sugar Comes from Sweeties

Most of Our Sugar Comes from Sweeties

Photo Credit: Harris Hui

Most people think our sugar comes mainly from sweeties, but in reality, it tends to come from fizzy drinks and even some popular sauces. Tomato sauce, for example, contains a teaspoon of sugar in every tablespoon of sauce. Eat a little too much, and you’ll soon up your sugar intake!

Fruit Sugar and Cake Sugar Are Different
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